A Word of Prayer

We often pray too generally. Sometimes I think it’s because we respect the “not my will but thine” posture of prayer--why ask for particulars if we’re content with letting him decide what will be? Sometimes I think it’s because we fear the disorientation of not receiving--avoid the whole mess of asking for the wrong thing or wondering if my lack of faith it at fault. Prayer is a complex and untamed subject. My present feeling is one of pragmatic surrender. I don’t know what else to do but ask for what we need. If it turns out otherwise, well, I had to ask. So, let’s get specific. 

I pray that Jose Luis and Emilio emerge as the early leaders we asked for years ago.

I pray that Manuela, Alfredo, Inez, Javier, Jesica, Rosa, Etelvina, Sandra, Joaquin, Stephanie, Kimberly, Luz, Lola, Evelyn, Katherine, the Pintos, and all those studing at Naranjal come to know Jesus and be reconciled to God through him.

I pray that we have more than one house church established by year end.

I pray that they be the beginning of a truly Peruvian church planting movement.

I pray that we find a way to equip indigenous leaders in sustainable, contextual ways.

I pray that our holistic ministry glorify God in word and deed. Your Kingdom come.