CUDA View: Global Missions Conference 2011

If you have been on our website ( recently you may have seen an ad about (and seeking help funding) an upcoming trip for ICDU in October. The Global Missions Conference is a CoC conference held every three years where missionaries and missions interested Christians gather to share ideas and network. Thanks to some connections Greg has we were able to secure an interest group meeting slot for ICDU so we can share about our holistic ministry here in Arequipa—specifically our micro-loan program. Greg and I are excited about the opportunity we have to be at the conference, see some familiar faces, and make new connections in the missional community. 

When this trip was first suggested to us (thanks Ken Smith for the encouragement!) we knew right away that if we were to expend the resources to get back we should make the most out of our time. To that end we are making contact with friends and other interested parties at both ACU and Harding. We plan on presenting information during chapel, interest group meetings, missions classes...basically anywhere that someone will give us some time. We also look forward to making connections with the business and education departments at both schools as we look for students interested in creative internships. 

All of this is exciting but perhaps the best part is that Alfredo Oporto, our Christian brother and ICDU co-director, has acquired a visa so he can come on the trip. He will take part in presentations, offering his unique Peruvian perspective, and get to meet so many of you who are key supporters of our work. A special time will come when we spend a Sunday in Tyler. He will get to meet so many of you from Shiloh and hopefully share a message from the church here in Arequipa. He has an appointment on July 20 with the US Embassy to find out if he will receive a Visa. 

ICDU is at a very important stage in its development. We should soon receive our official status from the Peruvian government. Our micro-loan program is steadily growing and has just learned of a lending group that formed at Cedar Lane who is ready to fund loans. Our other programs continue to be refined and are see- ing progress. Rapid growth is such a real possibility that we have started praying about hiring Peruvian collaborators such as Alfredo. In 2012 we hope to make reality some of these dreams but to do that we will need lots of help. Be in prayer for this trip in October and the opportunities presented to us while back in the US. Pray for our programs and for our Peruvian co-workers. Pray for God to raise up new financial supporters of our work. 

If you would like to make a donation toward our trip,visit the ICDU website.