CUDA View: June 2011

We often struggle with keeping the message of ICDU balanced. Seeking out physical needs to meet and new projects to implement can at times take our focus off the driving force behind our presence and work here: Jesus. So we seek balance. Borrower meetings are coupled with prayer time and at times bible study. New applicants hear about our desire to minister to them spiritually, and Greg has prepared a series of lessons on business ethics from a Christian perspective that all borrowers attend. At Naranjal we couple digging latrines with relational ministry and seek ways to bless the families of that community. Bible studies have happened and soon a new house church will begin meeting at Manuela’s house. Still as hard as we try balance sometimes eludes us. When that balance is found everything just seems to click. The other night I felt that “click” and want to share a new opportunity that has come to us. 

Two weeks ago I had my regular monthly meeting with Lidia to receive her June repayment. After talking about her business I asked about her family. We’ve been praying for her as the leader of her family and I wanted to know how things were going. Well she started sharing about how much better things were and how she was so grateful for our prayers, and for God’s help. I had never heard her so specifically talk about God and it became apparent that a door had finally opened between us. She started sharing her story - how she left the Catholic church and came to Christ with another group of Christians. Towards the end of her story she said something interesting, “now I meet on Wednesday night, and sometimes on Sundays, with a group of about 15 Christians to sing and pray; we have no leader.” I could tell that she was leaving me an opening there so I had her explain more about who was attending and it turns out that another one of our borrowers also attends their meetings. In the end she invited me to their next meeting, this past Wednesday. 

What I found was a group not unlike our two house churches. I led the four ladies who came (was cold that night, we’re still in Peru) in prayer, song, and a portion of scripture. They invited me back the next week and I am looking forward to meeting the rest of their group. “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” I’ve heard that so many times and have even experienced the truth of that statement but never so strongly as in being led to this group. I don’t know what will come of my participation in their meetings. Maybe they’ll integrate into our current groups, maybe they’ll remain their own group and join us in celebrations and the other aspects of church life. If nothing else I’m certain that God will be glorified in their offerings of praise and time, and that I have made some new friends. 

Without the loans made to Lidia and Patricia this connection would never have been made. Your help in funding those loans led us to a new group of seekers. Your help on other loans have brought other fruit and loans (and other projects) in the future will bear their own fruit. Thank you for partnering with us to share the gospel.