Eucharisteo in July

If you haven’t read Ann Voskamp’s 1000 Gifts, I highly recommend it.  She talks about the Greek word “eucharisteo.”  It means “to be grateful, feel thankful, give thanks.”  She takes the time to list 1,000 things (some little, some big) that she is thankful for as she lives her daily life and lives with a perspective of “giving thanks in all circumstances.”  Whenever I am tempted to complain in a situation, I know that the Spirit is leading me when my thoughts are guided by eucharisteo.  One of the girls from the Harding research team this month led our ladies‘ day in this thought.  Not knowing exactly what I would write for this month’s article, I decided to share some of my eucharisteo moments.

1. Enjoying making mini-apple pies for Cafe Connection

2. Our 2013 interns

3. The Harding group helping with one-on-one reading in the library

4. Bill and Holly (our team mentors) coming to Arequipa
5. Attending the inauguration for Mujeres del Misti (a small community development project that CUDA is launching) and seeing two of the kids that attend the school where I work in the library

6. The eldest male teacher in the library program excitedly pulling me into his classroom to show me his word wall (the project he had to complete to receive his full credit for this month’s staff development hours).  He stood with his students proudly showing me the wall and having them spout out the answers to different vocabulary words.

7. Mentoring our very first CUDA Living Library intern, Lisette

8. Hearing from Areli, who I have helped to disciple since her baptism earlier this year, share that she has a friend who is interested in studying the story of Jesus with her.  We have been praying for this friend for two months, and it is so neat to see the prayer answered.

9. Having my first Bible study with the friend that I mentioned in last month’s newsletter and hearing her mother ask if she can join us at the table because what she is hearing is “bonito” (beautiful).
10. Celebrating our middle child’s 4th birthday, and knowing that Peru is the only home she has ever known.