Family Talk: Greg Muse

To my brothers and sisters in Christ, 

Hello from Tullahoma, Tennessee. My name is Greg Muse, and I have been asked by the elders at Cedar Lane to be the point of contact for teamAREQUIPA. When asked if I would fulfill this position for Cedar Lane, I took on this task without much hesitation after some discussion with my wife, Andrea. However, there was something fundamentally flawed in my thinking, because I looked at it from the viewpoint of a independent job versus joining a team. Simply put, my knowledge of missions was limited. However it has been expanded by a wonderful summer series of classes, Wednesday night/Sunday morning discussions, and several books that have allowed God to do a “Stretch Armstrong” on me regarding missions and kingdom living. 

I have come to realize in the short period of time that I have spent with Kyle, Larissa, Greg, and Megan that I have signed up for something that is far more special than being a point of contact, something that is bigger than me. A relationship, not only with Team Arequipa, but with my teammates (brothers and sisters) at Cedar Lane, Shiloh Road, with you right now reading this newsletter, and ultimately my relationship with my God, through Jesus Christ. 

For those of you that have had the privilege to be a part of the lives of these four special instruments of God, I know you have been blessed, because you have seen Christ. To my newfound teammates, Te quiero! Dios esta con usted y le bendice. 

Su hermano en Cristo, Greg