First Ever (Library)

Another month has passed and we find ourselves on the brink of launching the first library. As I reported last month the ladies in Pampas de Polanco have been very supportive and enthusiastic about this project. We were quickly offered a location and two ladies offered to take responsibility for the books that the government will loan the community. We are anticipating the launch of the library Señor de Huanca in June so make sure to read next month’s newsletter for details of the launch.

As we near the launch we have been painting floors, painting walls, building shelves, and designing signs for the new library. Everything has gone very smoothly, though not very quickly. It’s amazing how time works here. Some weeks our days fly by and some weeks feel like months but the good news is that we’re making progress and not hitting any major roadblocks. Now if you remember we had originally wanted to open two libraries at first and that is still the plan but the second one will be delayed a little bit. After many meetings and a few weeks of waiting we are making progress with a comedor in Independencia and hope to place a smaller more mobile library there. This possibility is exciting because the ladies who work at this comedor are all young women with kids who are very excited about this project. 

Keep praying for us as we work alongside of these families. We are still learning the ins and outs of project development, yet things have gone so well up to now. So pray for us, that we would continue to listen more than talk, and learn more than teach. We’re glad you’re in on this exciting time for us here in Peru.