Focusing Forward

We’ve been talking for months about all the changes surrounding our team and our families. However, we shouldn't overlook the effect that it is having on our church members as they see the “founding members” moving away and find themselves in relationship with new missionaries, wondering what is going to be left when the dust settles. To help with the transition we have been trying to build bridges between the new missionaries and church members. This began two years ago when the Daggetts and Frouds came to visit Arequipa and meet with church members. In a meeting with each of the house churches, they carefully and thoughtfully expressed their desire to move to Arequipa and partner with the church in ministry. As the families have arrived,  they have continued to show that same humility and respect to their Peruvian brothers and sisters. It has been great to watch our dear Peruvian friends form relationships with our new teammates.

Sunday, as we said goodbye to the McKinzie children and entered the final stage for Greg and Megan, we also welcomed Bill and Holly Richardson for a brief visit with a specific purpose: To help the church identify itself and its vision. Our hope is that this will prove to give them a firm foundation outside of our immediate presence, to give them a sense of belonging to each other, and to give them ownership of the body to which they belong as they move forward with hopes and dreams that we will play no role in pursuing. During the ConFiA (Conferencia del Fin del Año, "confia" also means "trust"), Bill will equip the church to carry out a process each year of evaluation and vision renewal. The church will also formally recognize two servant leaders, giving TA 1.0 the chance to publicly pass the torch to Alfredo and Paty, acknowledging their gifts and history of service to the church.

All things considered this is an important time in the life of our church. Missionaries arriving, missionaries leaving, leaders being recognized, church vision being cast. Pray for us all - that the Spirit would move, that God would provide wisdom in decision making and courage to live fully in the Kingdom.