Full House

Just over three weeks ago, the activity level in the Smith household jumped a good bit. Now, keep in mind that the previous level was normally defined by a 2 year old, so it was not exactly boring before. But we have thoroughly enjoyed the extra life filling the house since my sister, Briana, and our friend, Kristen, joined us for an extended visit. 

So far, they have focused their time on attending language school, checking out the city, becoming best buds with Shaye, and tackling some cooking tasks. At times, I feel like I suddenly have three kids as I keep track of their school schedules, mealtimes, laundry, help with homework, and make sure the fruit is properly washed to be ready to eat. Given that two of these “kids” willingly cook dinner, wash dishes, take care of the littlest girl, and run errands, I quite enjoy it. It has been fun to introduce our home to them and see what aspects catch their special interest. 

We have also had many great times when we simply sit around, talking and laughing. This is one side of family life that is a little weakened during the young-child years. Yes, our little family has fun and laughs together, but it’s usually due to tickling, silly voices, feathers or dancing. It has been refreshing to have more adult conversations and humor and we will miss those times. 

There are still a couple of weeks left and we plan to keep them full. The girls will continue with language classes, plus there is a list of restaurants, shops and activities that we have yet to explore together. Otherwise, we have a few more recipes to swap, some more laughs to share, and definitely more hair-fixing-sessions with a young stylist. I’m really not sure who will miss them more - Shaye, Kyle or me. What I do know is that when our visitors leave, our house will feel a little empty.