Fundraising and Upcoming Dates

Our fundraising journey has been one of faith and disappointment. We have been in ‘fundraising’ mode since January 2006, and the trip has been bumpy. There were times we thought we saw 
clearly what the next turn would bring only to find out, yet again, that we are not in control. I believe God has used this process to stretch us, mold us, and form in us a testimony to His power. It turned out that all along He was preparing our home churches, our families, to partner with us in Arequipa. As we near the end of our preparation time at Shiloh I can see that all of our other plans were not quite as perfect as this one. 

So far I haven’t told you anything new, I hope. Both Shiloh Road and Cedar Lane have committed to supporting the work in Arequipa, Peru for five years. We have been humbled and encouraged by their faith and trust in us. Though budget processes for both churches are still ongoing (though almost completed) it looks as though our salary needs will be achieved through their support! We are actively seeking support for our work fund and relocation expenses with the help of both churches. We have limited our seeking, as of now, to the Tyler and Tullahoma areas hoping that churches will rise up there. We envision two communities of churches partnering in a common cause and creating greater unity in those areas. 

I haven’t given out any figures in this update; that was intentional. If you would like to know specifics feel free to contact me ( I also want to let you know that our website has been revamped and has a few new features. On the main page ( you will find a “Support the Work” link. Clicking this will take you to a page where you can donate funds to us using PayPal. This is a secure way to give to the team and it has the options of being a one time or recurring donation. 

We covet your prayers more than your dollars. We are finally learning to trust in Him for all our provision and the financial support takes care of itself. If you feel moved to support us financially know that you are an answer to prayer and we thank you. If you feel moved to pray for us know the same, we need your prayers. Together we will see great things done in Arequipa to His glory.