It is a strange and wonderful time to be a part of Team Arequipa. Recently, the transition continued with the long awaited, greatly anticipated arrival of the final two couples (Blairs & Daggetts) to the field. There is a culmination of great wisdom being shared from the wise veterans and enthusiasm beaming from the new recruits. It is interesting to observe as semi-onlookers to the way transition is unfolding. There is a concerted effort being made to re-evaluate and learn culture in a way that will help the new team adapt and better collaborate with the church here. Though it has been a long time in preparation, to have the entire team together has created an excitement about the work to continue and start fresh in different ways. Though it is a strange, even hard time to witness (it’s sad to watch the amazing missionaries here prepare to transition back to the US), the work is going to continue and the fruit that will come with the strength of wisdom shared as Team Arequipa 2.0 takes to its grafted roots.