ICDU View: First Steps

Last month I reported about the new trio of ICDU coordinators - Alfredo, Paty, and Abraham. Three weeks ago we began a weekly meeting between all of us so that they could start shaping/influencing ICDU’s ministry. It has been a really neat and humbling experience as each one of them brings a different viewpoint to the table. Our first order of business was bringing them up to date on current programs and sharing our plans for the future. In that first meeting I new God had brought together a good group of people because we talked for hours and didn’t get past our first three programs. Ideas and dreams flowed...it was awesome. 

One pressing issue that we knew couldn’t wait is the status and future of our programs in the Naranjal community. Between the latrine project and the new group of directors we had a couple of areas that needed our help. The latrine group needed to be reorganized and encouraged and the new directors needed our emotional and prayerful support. Abraham and Alfredo have a lot of experience in these situations and Paty is an intelligent organizer so immediately we had ideas on the table of how to motivate and educate these two groups. 

A long story, and lots of boring details, short we scheduled a meeting with the new directors of el Naranjal to, in a way, re-introduce ourselves and our mission to them. We listened as they explained some of the difficulties they are facing in the community and as they shared their goals for 2011. More than anything we wanted to let them know that we are available as a resource and that for us to continue having a presence there things need to be moving forward instead of backwards. We secured for ourselves 15 minutes of each community meeting where we plan to teach on values, character building, and the bible. All in all it was a productive meeting. 

I chose to share this specific situation in the newsletter so that you will be in prayer for el Naranjal and the leaders of that community. The leaders need the courage to stand by the rules that they are to enforce. The community members need to remember their responsibilities and make a concerted effort to...be a community. We need wisdom and discernment as we attempt to help everyone move forward. There are a lot of needs but God is bigger than all of that. May God be praised in that community.