Just for Kids

Sometimes it is hard to follow Jesus. Your mom may ask you to clean your room, and you choose not to obey, or you are unkind to another kid at school. Whenever we decide to do what we want to do, instead of what we know we should do, we don't follow where Jesus leads us. There are also times when we disobey, because we care more about doing what we want, than the consequences we will face later. We have been learning about how Jesus is our shepherd, and we are his sheep.

Jesus is a good shepherd to us, because he cares more about what we need, than his own comfort. He takes care of us, but sometimes, when a person doesn't obey, they get lost. Jesus goes out and looks for the lost people and brings them back so they can be safe with all of the ones who follow and obey. One of the things we do here in Peru, is help Jesus find lost people and bring them back. We help Jesus by telling other people about him, but it isn't the only way to help. Another way we help Jesus find lost people, is by praying for those who are lost, and by being kind to lost people once they are found. Jesus says there is great joy in heaven, when someone is saved. Read Luke 15:1-7 to learn more about the Parable of the lost sheep.