Library News: Paperwork and Partnership

Well, another month has gone by and we find ourselves stuck in a holding pattern with our first library. We have sent our documents in to the government and have been approved for a book loan, yet we still await their arrival. The good news is that our waiting should be coming to an end soon. The books are in Arequipa going through a process of their own and we should be able to pick them up this week. This works out wonderfully for us because we have scheduled the inauguration for July 3rd. July’s newsletter will have full coverage of this hopefully awesome event. We’re very excited and welcome your prayers for us as we publicly announce ICDU and the library to the neighborhood. 

While we’ve waited, we have had various meetings with the ladies in charge of Señor de Huanca (pronounced ‘Wonka’). One meeting stands out among the rest. About two weeks ago we tried to get all of the encargadas (ladies in charge) together to talk over some stuff and to get to know them a little better. In true Peruvian fashion, word of the meeting was spread around outside of this small circle to several ladies in the neighborhood that also stopped by and ate our food, drank our beverages, and asked us questions for a few hours. It was a really neat experience as we got a chance to explain ourselves and listen to our neighbors affirm the library and our involvement in their area. 

In other news, we continue to search for a partner comedor in Independencia that will serve as the location, and workforce, of a second library. This part of Alto Selva Alegre is younger and less organized, in general, than Pampas de Polanco, so we have had a harder time finding a group of ladies that will work on this project as a team. As we pursue our other options be praying that we encounter people who have a heart and desire to serve their community, and the courage to step out and lead.