Our Summer So Far

We have had wonderful opportunities to interact with the Cedar Lane family this summer. One large project, the planning of the summer combined adult series on missions, was spearheaded by Kyle and Greg. They have recruited several other speakers to address various topics, and will each have a few chances to speak themselves. The hope is that we will take a good look at the realities of American mission work and the thinking behind it in order to move purposefully to a better understanding and participation in God’s work around the world and next door. 

That series was put on hold for one week so that everyone could focus on the Vacation Bible School. The theme this year was “Creation Expedition” and included daily rides into the Amazon jungle on a canoe for craft-time, a visit to a marketplace for snacks, skits, singing, and fun. (Remember that Arequipan market? It’s being put to good use. That was the third time it has been set up and now we have loaned it to the prior-mentioned Lima team members for another round in a nearby town.) We had a great turn-out, especially in the visitor count, and hope that those who felt so welcomed for a few evenings will be a little more open to how God could change their lives. Also, it was Shaye and Ana’s first VBS and they were troopers. Evening sessions meant late bedtimes and lots of childcare, but they adjusted and had a blast. Shaye has usually been resistant to being left in the nursery if she didn’t know the people in there, but now she tells me bye-bye and heads straight to the toys. Though small, it was a neat way for those little girls to show us that they are happy here. I digress... 

Once VBS was completed and everyone recovered from the long evening hours, we shifted back to a more normal week, which happened to include Megan and I teaching the combined children’s class. We did a quick overview of where Arequipa is located, what can be found there, who lives there and what we intend to do there. The kids were attentive and asked some good questions, located South America on a map, and learned Jesus Loves Me in Spanish. We had a good time. 

In total, we have been absorbed into the family at Cedar Lane and put right to work. It has been such a blessing and we love these people