Smith Update - May 2008

We are now three months into our Tullahoma time and what have we been up to? Well, besides the typical office days for Kyle, nap times for Shaye, and a Peruvian dinner thrown in, we have travelled several times. Kyle took a quick jaunt up to New York and Boston with his brother-in-law to catch a few baseball games and reports that Fenway Park is as unique and enjoyable as everyone says. 

Meanwhile, Larissa and Shaye spent some time in Tyler with her parents, sisters and niece and nephews, which was a whirlwind of children and playing and lots of fun, even if it did leave all the adults a little worn out. Then the girls went to San Antonio to spend some time with Larissa's good friend who happens also to be the inspiration for Shaye's middle name. It was fun to be with her and to hit a few San Antonio restaurants that are not options in Tullahoma! Then we joined Kyle back in Tullahoma, only to turn around a few weeks later and attend a Litton family reunion (Larissa's family) over Memorial Day. We have been able to spend time with several of the most special people in our lives, which is so valuable to us as we near the day that we will have longer stretches apart from them. 

Shaye is almost a year and a half, and we cannot begin to list out all of the changes we have seen in her since her birthday. She is walking (almost running!), talking (or trying to), singing, dancing, drawing, learning names, drinking from a straw, eating with a spoon and dipping her own chicken strips into honey mustard. She has gone from the petite infant to a chunky toddler who is outgrowing clothes and shoes hand over fist. She enjoys choosing a clip for her hair, pushing the button to play a CD, picking out her shoes, reading books, and going outside. One of our favorite changes is how much more freely she laughs, and it never fails to brighten our day when she does so. We love our family!