Summer Break

I can’t believe Christmas is this week! For one thing, it doesn’t feel anything like Christmas here (or at least our idea of it). I am wearing sleeveless shirts during the day because it is officially summertime. While students in the U.S. are relieved to get time off for Christmas break, Peruvian students are relieved to finally enjoy Summer break. This means that Shaye and Ana have officially completed their first round of preschool and will not return until March. We have really felt good about their time with the jardin and already look forward to next year. We were proud parents watching our girls perform in their first Christmas production (in all Spanish) and have the photos to prove it. 

We are excited to finally decide on an area of the city to live (we will be moving around March), and the adults on the team are enjoying some time off from classes. We all plan to take more classes after the new year with private tutors.

I guess my only news for now is that we are well, our girls are now home all day, and we look forward to Papa Noel coming to our homes this week. Blessings to you all and Merry Christmas!