Word from a Shilohite: Stephanie Lloyd

teamAREQUIPA has already begun its work in the mission field: the Tyler, TX mission field. And while some of the work, done by the two young moms on the team is sort of behind the scenes, I believe it will have a significant impact on the future none- the-less. I am writing from a mother-of-a-possible-future- missionary perspective. 

On Wednesday nights one of the themes the Shiloh Soul-diers rotate through is Missions. This class is often taught by Judy Edge, who does a wonderful job of letting kids see what they can do in their daily lives to live out God’s mission. Recently, however, as I alluded to earlier, the class was taught by Megan and Larissa. I was unaware of this until the drive home from church. We usually use this opportunity to ask our girls what they learned about in Bible class. Our 6-year-old, Christiana, said, “Mom, I learned about Peru, and I’m going to be a mommy AND a missionary when I grow up.” (This is coming from a child who is not known for changing her adult- occupation-ideals on a daily basis.)

She proceeded to tell me about the two brave young mommies (and the two daddies, of course) who are taking their babies to Arequipa—which she pronounced with correct Spanish accents—and that they will be telling everyone about Jesus. She was amazed that they would be there for 10 years, and that the babies will be 11 when their parents’ mission trip is over. (She likes math.) She said she was very excited that she could go to a foreign country to tell people about Jesus when she grows up, too, and still be a mommy at the same time. However, she made it clear that she would like her mission field to NOT have volcanoes since she is very concerned about them erupting. Now every night she and her sister, Abigail— age 4—pray for the safety of these families, including protection from erupting volcanoes. They also pray that everyone in Arequipa will believe in Jesus. So watch out, Peru, we know how God loves to answer the prayers of children, and we see the passion that teamAREQUIPA has for sharing the Gospel with the people there.

I, personally, am very grateful for the time these two young women have spent in sharing their hearts with the children of the Shiloh family. It is evident to me that teamAREQUIPA’s work has already begun in the very important mission field of the next generation. Praise God that they are not waiting until they get to Peru to tell others the Good News. Their hearts of duty for sharing Jesus have inspired at least one young girl. And someday down the road, if God does call Christiana (or Abigail) to continue His work on foreign soil, I will know just which parents to turn to for extra prayers, support, and strength to let them go. Until that time, the Lloyd family will be in fervent prayer for the mission to be accomplished by God, through teamAREQUIPA.