Liliana's Baptism

Liliana is someone we came to know through Alfredo, a friend in the church. She is someone we have gotten to know over the past 10 months or so.  As a lonely person, she has found a refuge in the church here. She has a complicated and difficult past. God has used some of my fellow missionary coworkers and me to reach out to her even though it has not always been very easy to do so. Liliana has been one of the most faithful attendees of our Sunday morning church gatherings. I studied with her for a while and Sarah has also started discipling her regularly. About a month ago she texted me and said she was thinking of getting baptized and asked what I thought. We studied baptism, its purpose, significance and importance and she picked the 24th of September, as it was the birthday of a beloved grandmother of hers. We are so happy for her and the decision she has made and pray God will continue to use us in her new life with Him. 

Liliana was baptized on September 24th. Several church members, missionaries and visitors were there at the baptism. Afterwards we all went out for ice cream to celebrate. Please continue to pray for Liliana as this is only the beginning of her new journey.