Living Libraries 2015

Living Libraries just started a new year! This year we have TWO new schools, ONE school in its second year, and ONE school in its third year. That is FOUR schools!!! This is obviously more teachers in the program than we have included in the past, and we are excited for the numbers of students we are reaching. Let me tell you about some of the changes this year.

1) Megan has returned to the States.

The founder, dreamer, and creator of Living Libraries has returned to the States. Lucia, the director of Living Libraries, has done a wonderful job of representing and leading Living Libraries the past year, and I’m confident she will continue to expand the program. While in the States Megan has already had the chance to speak with teachers about the work here! What an amazing opportunity that is for us.

2) Lucia and Nancy were introduced to Pinterest.

There is a teacher’s dream world to be found on Pinterest. They were so excited about the ideas that they decided to implement some changes for this new school year! Shelf trees are pretty unheard of in Peru. :) We are excited to begin teaching in these beautiful classrooms!

3) We have been on TV!

Lucia and Nancy have been featured on two different TV programs in the city to promote the program and speak to the viewers about various reading strategies. Hopefully this will lead to more!

4) We have A LOT of teachers and students.

With four schools working through the Living Libraries program, there is quite a bit to do. As a result we each have specific roles in the classroom and in the professional development hours we require of the teachers. Very soon we will have a logistical problem when it comes to sufficient space (for professional development and inaugurations) and staff to serve the number of schools who are interested.

And of course we have dreams. Dreams of including more schools and staff, dreams of including private schools in our professional development, and even dreams of having matching polo shirts! As we begin this year, please pray for the new relationships we will form, the lives of the students and teachers we will be working with, and the dreams we have for the future. And thank you for helping us get this far!


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