Pictures from August

August is always a big month of celebration here in Arequipa as the 15th is Arequipa's founding day. This past August 15th Arequipa celebrated 477 years! It is always celebrated throughout the month of August with parades, music festivals, beauty pageants, and food and art festivals. We have also had a big celebration this month for August Blair's first birthday! As you can see in the picture above, she loved her cake! 

In this issue, we have a guest post from one of our friends, Percy, writing about the baseball league that he and Jake are a part of. Jaclyn writes about a diabetes patient we have been following for a while now, Jeremy writes about reading through When Helping Hurts with the CUDA staff, and Katie gives the recommendation of the month of a Bible study she has done

Prayer Requests: Pray for Cris and Milagros. They are a couple we have been reading the Bible with for several months now and they have begun attending the meetings of the church as well. Also, our diabetes program, PuraVida is takings steps toward growing throughout the city.