September 2018 Pictures and Header

Ten years ago Team Arequipa moved to Arequipa, Peru. At that time Team Arequipa consisted in Greg, Megan, and Ana Mckinzie and Kyle, Larissa, and Shaye Smith. Four years ago the Blairs and Daggetts joined Team Arequipa. Thank you to all of you who have supported Team Arequipa for the last ten or four years. You have been such a blessing to us and to the work here. 

Specific prayer requests:

  • Our continuing bible studies, that these families will commit to being disciples of Christ.

  • Katie and her pregnancy. She is due at the end of December. 

  • Living Libraries program and all the teachers and students that they have been working with this year.

  • CUDA funding. We have begun fundraising for 2019 for CUDA. You can be a blessing to CUDA and donate here