Settlers of Catan as Evangelism

Early on I decided to become a regular at a neighborhood restaurant to meet new people. It worked! That's where I met one of my best Peruvian friends - Milagros.

After meeting the bubbly waitress from the restaurant I invited her and her husband Cris to our house to play Settlers of Catan (a board game). At this point our Spanish was still not great and we struggled to explain the game and keep up with the conversation, but Milagros and Cris were so gracious and patient with us.

Our casual times together eventually turned into an every-Wednesday tradition. We proposed studying the Bible as part of our fellowship time. Jake started with an Old Testament overview that laid the foundation for an in-depth study of the Gospel of Mark. We're now nearing the end of Mark.

Cris and Milagros have had a rollercoaster year. New jobs, a new home, reconciliation with family members, and Milagros is now 5 months pregnant with their first child. It's so amazing to see Jesus working in their lives amidst these big changes. We ask for your prayers as they are thinking about their commitment to Jesus. They have been a great blessing to us and we have loved sharing life with them!

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