June Life, Work, and Pictures Update


Happy halfway through 2018 to all! We're rapidly approaching winter break, and the Peru Day (July 28th) and Arequipa Day (August 15th) festivities that go with it. The Blairs are getting ready to travel back to Peru, and the Daggetts will be stateside for all of August and the first nine days of September. 

World Cup fever has seized Peru, and even though the Peruvian national team didn't advance in the tournament, everyone was happy that they were in the World Cup for the first time in 36 years, and that they played well in their three games. New TV screens have popped up all over the city to watch the games. Jeremy has seen screens on busy street corners, hanging up in open air markets, and even in the windshield of a bus. 

The banner image above is of Lake Titicaca (in Aymara that means “gray puma”), from the island of Amantaní. The lake is about 5 hours from Arequipa, and is the highest navigable lake in the world. It's huge, and sits on a plateau at 12,500 feet. Katie, Adileen, and I (Jeremy) went recently on a scouting trip for an expedition next year with Harding University Latin America. We'll be directing the study abroad program starting with the 2019 group, while continuing to live and work in Arequipa. 

Next week we receive Bill Richardson, Ken and Terri Graves, and nine Harding students who have been traveling, researching, learning and ministering in Peru and Bolivia for the last several weeks. Excited to share Arequipa with them and give them the chance to bless us as we share our lives and work.

As always, we ask for prayers for the church, the friends and relationships with whom we share life and faith, for CUDA and Living Libraries, and for God's reign to come and will to be done in Arequipa as in heaven. In this newsletter, Jeremy reflects on the spiritual practice of walking with a two year-old, and we share Tim Henderson's update on Luminous Coffee. Thanks for reading!