January 2019 Pictures and Header

Hello to everyone! We have had such a good last several months. We celebrated Christmas with some neighbors on December 23, again with some other neighbors December 24, and then again as a team on December 25! Jaclyn and Katie cooked 4 turkeys in a span of 2 days upping the total number of turkeys cooked in their lives to 4. It was such a special Christmas spent with these friends and neighbors that have become like our family and treat our girls as if they are their own. 

January has been a busy month for the Daggetts so far. Their son, Kinney Clyde (named after his grandfather and great-grandfather), was born on January 3. We are so thankful that everything went smoothly and everyone is healthy. Adileen has been such a sweet big sister.

As the new year begins we are going to be experiencing some big changes this year. The Blairs are moving back to the States in June. Jake's article below explains more about their future plans. The Daggetts are also beginning a new work directing Harding University's Latin America (HULA) study abroad program from March through May.