April 2011

Mark as Gospel: Beware the Scribes (12:13-44)

Because the religious leaders have determined to put an end to Jesus yet fear to do so directly, their public strategy is to continue putting him to the test. Two stories sum up the attacks from various camps, a third marks a turning of the tables, and a fourth story shows Jesus on the offensive. The section ends with a strong critique of the religious system, represented by the “scribes” who have attacked him. 

CUDA View: Pre-funding - Why We Do It

I’ve written recently about the changes taking place in our loan program. A number of those changes have been implemented since the writing of that article. I now have a growing stack of applications from potential borrowers waiting for approval, the new website is entering the planning phase and our first borrowers’ group meeting took place last Friday. One new development that I forgot to include in the list was our decision to begin pre-funding loans.