February 2011

Mark as Gospel: Not Even the Son of Man (10:17-52)

The teaching on taking up the cross continues with the story of the rich man and culminates in the third and final prediction-misunderstanding-teaching instance. The whole section comes to a climax in Jesus’ statement about his own vocation. The story of another blind man healed contrasts with the parallel story that opened the section (8:22-26), providing the bookend to the teaching. 

Crossing Cultures: Work Ethic

It is the rainy season right now. It has been said that rain to Peruvians is like snow to southerners. They just don’t really know what to do with it and prefer to stay home. It is tough on many families because the homes aren’t made to keep out water, and the flat roofs (left that way so that another floor can be added on later) collect water that then creeps down into the house.

ICDU View: First Steps

Last month I reported about the new trio of ICDU coordinators - Alfredo, Paty, and Abraham. Three weeks ago we began a weekly meeting between all of us so that they could start shaping/influencing ICDU’s ministry. It has been a really neat and humbling experience as each one of them brings a different viewpoint to the table. Our first order of business was bringing them up to date on current programs and sharing our plans for the future. In that first meeting I new God had brought together a good group of people because we talked for hours and didn’t get past our first three programs. Ideas and dreams flowed...it was awesome. 

Missionary Mom: Search, Test, and Lead Me

Where to begin? I have so much going through my mind right now. God is really working on me, and I have decided to share a little bit of that for my article this month. Coming back from furlough was just weird. Things were different when we got back (we were out of the picture for 7 weeks), my mind is occupied with having a third child, and I have really struggled with pinpointing my role here (where my main priorities should lie). In thinking through many of those things, God is transforming me little by little.