July 2009


Our strategy in approaching Peruvians with the gospel has been referred to as “friendship evangelism”. We don’t want to force ourselves into someone’s life to try and change it drastically with no previous relationship, no established trust, no perceived level of personal care for the individual. Thus, it is of vital importance to us that we make good friends here, not just to feel at home, but to have a foot in the door of the community or family unit as trustworthy, should they be interested in the Bible study that they already know we are willing to begin. It is the logical process considering the factors of life in this culture, but the execution has proved somewhat difficult and slow. 

Research and the Library

For months we have been preparing for a group of researchers from Harding, led by Bill and Holly Richardson, to assist us with a research project in our target area. The first half of this month we were able to execute the project we had planned and everything went excellently. The group was with us for two weeks with a trip to Bolivia in between. Aside from eating at all of our favorite places while they were here, we enjoyed the times of fellowship and worship we were able to experience.