March 2008

Making the Move

Less than six months. Does that sound really short to anyone else? We are finally here…my home town, Tullahoma, TN. I have been waiting for this move for a very long time. I thought that I would be so ready for this time, but I have been experiencing some weird emotions. I am very happy to be among “my people,” but I will miss the people of Shiloh Road so much. I grew to love them and was loved by them in ways that I never expected. God taught me a powerful lesson in Tyler, TX. Wherever we are on this earth, if we can find the church, we have found family.

Loved and Sent

A couple of weeks ago we made yet another exit and yet another entry. Our recent years have been full of packing, loading, unpacking, settling in, leaving friends and family, and meeting new friends and family. Among the most beautiful of Jesus’ promises is the assurance that whatever family we leave for his sake will be compensated a hundred times (Mk 10.29-30). Of course, this makes no sense if we think that Jesus is suggesting our loved ones are replaceable or that he is offering some sort of equitable return for sacrificial discipleship. Since he is not, we are challenged to experience a reality that certainly cannot make sense outside of the Kingdom.