October 2010

Mark as Gospel: Hardness of Heart (7:1-8:26)

Quite suddenly, we find Jesus surrounded by Jerusalem authorities. Once again, they are looking for a fight, this time over ritual purity. Like the Sabbath confrontations, the practices at issue are vitally important to the Jews as markers of their difference from those not in covenant with God (Gentiles). While the “traditions” they advocate are not the Levitical purity laws, those laws are their origin and impetus. We must not allow our own advocacy of “biblical Christianity” over against “traditions” to confuse us into thinking that the problem here is that they are practicing traditions rather than Torah alone.

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Furlough for the Smith's means that I have the pleasure of having two neighborhood girls come and spend their Saturday mornings with me (normally spent with the Smith family). We usually bake some type of dessert and play Clue. This past Saturday, was particularly busy with the girls coming in the morning, a library event in the afternoon, and Alfredo's graduation in the evening. In addition to all these planned events, I had to find time to bake cupcakes for Sunday morning, because Sunday was Rosa's birthday.

ICDU View: Incentive Program

I am very excited about what is going on with our Porvenir library. To bring everyone totally up to speed, we started out with 4 libraries and only 2 exist now. One is located in one of our church member’s homes. It is called Biblioteca de Cristo. I go and facilitate a kids event every other Saturday in that library. Our other, much larger, library is called Porvenir. I facilitate an event there every other Saturday and Rachel is in charge the alternate Saturdays. It is located in the community above where Greg and I live. It occupies the part of the second story of the police station. 

Missionary Mom: The Affection of Christ

It is hard to believe that furlough is a month away for us. I have to tell you that I am so ready. I get to a point when I deeply miss my family and need to see them. I think I am past that point right now, but I am waiting patiently for those 7 wonderful weeks of being “home.”