Learn. Participate. Grow.

Learn about and participate in holistic urban ministry. Engage Peruvians in community development. Share faith relationally.

Doing this with us for 8 weeks should help you grow. We’ll be learning and growing right alongside you.

  Advance your Spanish language and cultural learning

Advance your Spanish language and cultural learning

  Live with a Peruvian family for a week

Live with a Peruvian family for a week

  Learn about and participate in holistic ministry

Learn about and participate in holistic ministry

  Live and work with missionary families

Live and work with missionary families

Dates: May 25 - July 21 2017 — Cost: Approximately $1600 (plus the cost of the flight to AQP) — Application deadline: 15 December 2016

Internship Overview



To further God’s mission by facilitating an inspiring, challenging, and educational cross-cultural missions experience for Christian university students.


What can I expect? And what's expected of me?

The internship is a practical learning experience that focuses on the transformation of the intern. That means field workers treat the intern as a learner, not as a short-term missionary. The intern will not be responsible for starting or running “their ministry” or expected to accomplish mission goals beyond assigned activities. Of course we assume that interns will learn precisely through participation in mission, but having the attitude of a learner is itself a significant piece of the incarnational model of mission that guides our ministry. Therefore, the positive contribution or effect of the intern’s ministry practica are of secondary importance. The value of the internship will not be judged in terms of ministry outcomes but in terms of intern formation.



To strike a balance between three aspects of the internship experience:

  • Personal growth - spiritual and internal dynamics
  • Learning - knowledge and abilities
  • Contributing - serving and making a difference

To cultivate growth in the following areas:

  • Inner life
  • Cultural intelligence
  • Peruvian culture
  • Mission theology
  • Missions principles and practices
  • Holistic ministry

To cultivate meaningful relationships between interns and:

  • Missionaries
  • Peruvian church members
  • Peruvian not-yet Christians

To facilitate cross-cultural encounters that minimize harm caused by:

  • Cultural arrogance or ignorance
  • Patronizing attitudes
  • Insensitivity to socio-economic power dynamics
  • Theological narrow-mindedness

Strategy: Relationships

  • The learning experience centers upon the mentoring relationships between field workers and interns (see below)
  • Interns engage in regular interpersonal relationships with Peruvians in the course of language and culture learning
  • Interns participate in and learn about the incarnational model of the field workers’ ministry
  • Interns engage in a ministry of affirmation among Peruvian Christians


  • Field workers model missionary practices and encourage interns to reflect upon what they observe
  • Field workers coach interns to participate in appropriate activities.
  • Field workers facilitate regular conversations in order to process the learning experience.
  • Field workers offer critical feedback, advice, and encouragement.

Spiritual Disciplines

  • Interns journal through pre-field preparation and the field experience.
  • Interns practice a variety of spiritual disciplines in conjunction with field experiences.

Cognitive-experiential exercises

  • Language acquisition includes daily practice coupled with classroom and textual learning methods.
  • Cultural and missiological learning includes shadowing and planned practica coupled with reading and group reflection.


Team Arequipa is deeply involved with CUDA (the Christian Urban Development Association), a non-profit organization devoted to holistic ministry within Arequipa. There are a few areas in which you will have the opportunity to learn and serve:

Health: Pura Vida is involved in a clinic on the outskirts of the city, screening and educating citizens concerning diabetes and their health. Activities include giving health surveys, weekend health seminars, and a weekly exercise group. We are also involved in the health education of children in a local preschool.

Education: Living Libraries places libraries in public schools throughout the city. We then spend time each week teaching reading strategies to the students, teachers, and parents in an attempt to improve reading comprehension and cultivate a love for reading.

Go to cudaperu.org for more info!