This is a story about a group of Christians to whom God gave a vision in the early 2000s for participation in God's Mission in South America. 

This group became a team, picked a city, and devoted itself to preparing for the mission ahead. The story over the last ten years is a complicated one—ups and downs, periods of learning, lots of changes—but a constant has been the Team Arequipa Newsletter and those supporters who read every issue. The newsletter serves as our lens to relive the story.

Hundreds of thousands of words have been written over the last decade, and you can find most of those here. In 2015, the two families who moved to Arequipa in September of 2008 move back to the United States. 

We who follow in their footsteps get to learn from their successes, failures, and—most of all—the legacy of Kingdom participation and proclamation that they leave behind in the Peruvian church. We are excited to be a part of this next chapter of Team Arequipa.

It’s God’s Mission. Here’s our part of the story.


Highlights: 2005-2014

This collection of articles reflect significant milestones for the team. It takes you back to the pilot issue of the newsletter in ‘05, to the team's arrival in ‘08 along with subsequent anniversaries, and relives a major visual redesign to the newsletter in 2010. Read about CUDA's birth and development and what it meant that four new families moved to the city in 2014.

We hope to continue fostering support for the sake of our work and to give encouragement in return with the monthly testimony of what God is doing in us.
— Team Arequipa, May 2005
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Before and After

Team Arequipa grew significantly from 2008 to 2014, both by adding family members, and by adding new families. 

Team Arequipa 2008

Team Arequipa 2008

Team Arequipa 2014

Team Arequipa 2014

Featured Series

While maintaining its general format—about four articles, once a month—the Team Arequipa Newsletter underwent some major redesigns over the years (not least their author avatars!). The team also chose various themes to guide the writing of their articles from year to year in order to provide as much value as possible to you, our supporters. You can explore all of the various series in the newsletter archive

Megan McKinzie: Missionary Mom, Living Libraries. 

Megan McKinzie: Missionary Mom, Living Libraries

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Team Arequipa 2.0

2014 was a year of transition for Team Arequipa as four families—the Frouds, Morgans, Daggetts, and Blairs—moved to Peru to join the McKinzies, Smiths, and apprentices Andrew and Bethany Gray. We called this Team Arequipa 2.0.

We started using this metaphor from the world of software updates back before the transition ever happened. The idea was that the new families would not be replacements but, rather, a new version of the team. This “2.0 release” meant an integration of the gifts and passions of four new families with what was already in place—including the McKinzies, Smiths, and Grays, the Peruvian church, and CUDA. 

Team Arequipa 2.0 lasted more than a year. Now, in the first half of 2015, the McKinzies, Smiths, and Grays will be moving out of Arequipa and transitioning into participation in God’s Mission in the U.S. and Australia. Reflecting the founders’ departure, this next chapter of the story —Team Arequipa 3.0—will take on a different look. The four US-American families that moved to Arequipa in 2014 are committed to intense partnership with the Peruvian church. With them, we share a vision of what God is doing in our city. It’s the heart of who we are as a church.

Please commit to praying this year that God would be honored in this joint venture in God's Mission, as we partner with God and Peruvian believers to be God's family, celebrating and serving in Arequipa. 

Team Arequipa 2.0 Newsletter Series

Featuring new voices from the 2014 arrivals.

In 2014 you started hearing from a rotation of contributors to the newsletter. Each issue included an article each for CUDA, the church, our team transition, and a personal reflection. If you'd like, you can browse all of 2014.


What's Next?

There's plenty more to read if you want to dive deeper into the story of Team Arequipa. Explore the newsletter archive by author, date, topic, and popular tags. Before you get sucked down memory lane, you might want to make sure you have plenty of coffee first. All future editions of the Team Arequipa Newsletter will be posted on our blog, as well as delivered straight to your electronic inbox. Not on our mailing list? We'd love for you to subscribe. The support you show by keeping up with what we share means the world to us.

We believe God's Kingdom is breaking everywhere, which means we're all part of the same mission. Let's open our eyes to where God would have us join in.