A New Year, A New Style

A word about the new look. First of all, we hope you, the reader, dig it. Our newsletters are for your benefit. The bit of extra work we put into this little publication is meant to make your reading experience more than just informational. And we figure, if we’re going to do something, we might as well kick it up a notch. 

Second, we’d like to think that in this present age of technology, it serves many of you that we be as techy as possible. There are a variety ways to go about making information available. Our efforts to understand the patterns of your media usage as far as teamAREQUIPA is concerned suggest that there is a missing link (no pun intended) between the newsletter, the TA and ICDU websites, and our personal family blogs. Moreover, there are some beloved supporters of God’s work here that can access none of the above easily. At the same time, redundancy is a faux pas we’d rather avoid for everyone’s sake. So, we trying to integrate, overlap…but not repeat. 

For the next twelve months the articles written uniquely for this newsletter will strive for a new level of thematic consistency. Rather than merely reprinting news available on the websites or family blogs, we’ll attempt to offer some thought-provoking pieces that challenge you, members of teamAREQUIPA, to dream, grow, and reflect upon God’s mission alongside us. 

Additionally, we’ll do our best to make the possibly confusing network of TA information user-friendly. The last page of the newsletter will include links to the last month of articles on the website, as well as some other helps. Don’t hesitate to make suggestions. 

[A note from Jeremy Daggett, who is compiling this information on the blog. It's hilarious as I walk back through all of the newsletters to think about the shifting technologies, both that Team Arequipa was experiencing as well as their supporting churches. For this reason, a screenshot of this original announcement is provided below, as well as the disclaimer that accompanied the redesign.

For the record, I'm viewing the PDF of the January 2010 Newsletter in Preview.app on OS X Yosemite and it's working well. If you want to give it a go, here's the original version.