A Word on Unity

There is no doubt that unity is God’s will for his people. There is no doubt that the church has found unity to be among the most difficult aspects of its life in Christ. Though there is always so much to say on this subject when it comes down to brass tacks, I just want to celebrate with a simple word of praise the fact that we have unity with other Christians in Arequipa. We are blessed to find in the best of our church tradition a freedom to be nothing more than followers of Jesus and find in him spiritual unity with all those who are in him. May God continually grant us the faith to embrace that freedom, the humility to learn from those who are different from ourselves, the courage to speak truth, and the grace to get on with it. May he be glorified in his people’s unaccountable oneness, and may the world stand in amazement at the reconciliation wrought only by the power of his cross and resurrection. Praise be to the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has made us one family.