Aussies, Coffee, and TA 2.0

The Aussies

Recently a new couple joined us in Arequipa for a two year stint as “apprentices.”  Bethany and Andrew Gray come to us from Australia (east cost, Brisbane) after being connected via Gary Green from ACU.  They are excited to work with our development programs, especially the new health initiative being planned, and to get to know the Peruvians in our church network and minister alongside them.  First things first though, they’ve begun intensive language learning at our language school.  Twenty hours of Spanish classes each week take a toll on you mentally, emotionally and physically.  Will you pray for them to have the stamina and dedication to their studies?  Advancing as much as possible in their language classes now will help set them up for a good two years of ministry here in Arequipa.


We are this close (imagine my hands held up really close together. . .) to being able to deliver fresh-roasted CUDA coffee stateside door!  Once the international leg is worked out, a literal ton of CUDA coffee will head that way, with two new varieties in addition to our standard Tunki. After it arrives in Texas, we will start fresh-roasting and shipping orders around the end of November in time for Christmas.  In a few weeks, we’ll send out emails with details on the coffee we have to offer as well as some gift combos that should make great Christmas gifts.  Thanks for your support of CUDA in this new venture.  We hope it will contribute toward sustainability for the NGO in years to come.

TA 2.0

With 2013 drawing to a close we are getting ready for our new teammates to arrive in Arequipa.  Four families (the Frouds, Morgans, Blairs and Daggetts) will begin arriving in January with the last family set to arrive around August.  Recently we have been celebrating with the Morgans and Frouds as they have finalized their support with two different churches.  The Frouds will be supported by the Cloverdale church in Searcy while the Morgans will partner with the Pleasant Valley church in Little Rock.  As the Frouds and Morgans enter into their final 3-4 months before the move be praying for them.  It is a hectic time full of change and goodbyes.  Pray for their last few months spent with supporting churches; that strong relationships would be formed and solid support structures put into place.  Pray for their last goodbyes to family members and for their arrival (Frouds in January, Morgans in February) in Arequipa.  We are ready for them to be here!