Children's Fridays

Since the library officially opened in July, we have tried several different types of activities geared toward different age groups to try and draw attention to the facility and increase the level of participation by the community. We are still in the process of discerning how best to do so, which programs are effective and which have yet to fulfill their purpose. One thing that has been a little more consistent than others are the Viernes Infantiles or Children’s Fridays, which take place every other week. It is one of our more encouraging activities, as there are a handful of kids that come each time, plus we had a new attendee for our last get together. Consistency is not typical in this culture, so we appreciate this group. 

We kicked off this program with a puppet skit about the value of caring for trees, which you can watch at Our next session was to read a book about trees, and the kids attending signed certificates of adoption, saying they would take responsibility for a new tree to be planted. After receiving permission from the local municipality, our last event involved planting half a dozen saplings in the park a block away from the library. Each child helped plant the tree that they adopted, and is now responsible for the care of that tree. We are excited to see how this helps them learn that they can already take part in bettering their community. 

Please continue to be in prayer for our efforts through this library. We are tweaking our approach, but there have continued to be frustrations with the reality of trying to make things happen. There are portions of the population that have chosen not to attend activities intended for them, and we need the wisdom and patience to continue reaching out to them in more effective ways.