Church in Arequipa: CeDeTe

CUDA’s latest initiative is called the Centro de Desarrollo Teológico—the Theological Development Center.  Since the published (on Facebook) description of the program is in Spanish,  I thought supporters might like a translation and a little extra explanation.  
Acronyms in Spanish are sometimes the first two letters of each word, hence CEDETE.  (Happily, "cédete" can be translated as “give yourself over” or “surrender yourself”).  The big idea here is to offer something that affords people who are serious about growing theologically a focused environment to pursue that goal.  Just as we have put together programs for economic or educational growth, so also a program for theological growth.  The wellbeing of the city, in fact, depends on those who deepen themselves theologically—who make every effort to add knowledge to their faith and excellence (2 Peter 1:5).  Of course, we already work to make such growth an integral part of every program through relationships, conversation, prayer, and Bible study, as opportunity presents itself.  But for those who want to pursue this dimension of life development programmatically and intensively, we now offer CEDETE.  
The translation of the CEDETE Facebook About page follows:


CEDETE is a program of the Christian Urban Development Association (Arequipa, Peru) that promotes holistic human development through reflection on the mission of God.  


To develop in the student the capacities of reflection on and participation in the integral mission of God.  


Theology is not just for academics and scholars.  Gustavo Gutiérrez has said perceptively that theology is simply God-talk.  So everyone who talks about God is a theologian!  The holistic development of the human being includes increasing the capacity for God-talk—to speak with wisdom and knowledge.
CEDETE offers a course of study directed at the person without higher education or previous theological (or biblical studies) training.


  • In total, there are 5 trimesters (one trimester = 12 consecutive weeks), with a month between trimesters
  • One trimester consists of 3 meetings per week, at night (for example: Tues–Wed–Sat 7:00–8:30 pm)
  • Each meeting is an hour and a half (including a 10 break)
  • 30 meetings are classes, 2 are exams (plus 4 interspersed days off)
  • One trimester costs $65 (payable in installments) 
  • 20% cash back for finishing the trimester
  • To receive the certificate of completion at the end of the trimester, the requirements are: minimum attendance of 27 classes and the satisfactory completion of all exams and assignments.

The curriculum takes the mission of God as its framework—his purpose for all of creation.  Each trimester combines three facets of theological development: biblical study, spiritual disciplines, and praxis.


  • The Mission of God 1 (The Covenants)
  • Disciplines for Mission 1 (Prayer and Study)
  • Conscientization 1 (Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking)


  • The Mission of God 2 (Jesus and the Church)
  • Disciplines for Mission 2 (Fasting and Meditation)
  • Conscientization 2 (Exploring Self and Context)


  • The Kingdom of God 1 (Relationship)
  • Disciplines for Mission 3 (Solitude and Submission)
  • Praxis: Family


  • The Kingdom of God 2 (Witness)
  • Disciplines for Mission 4 (Simplicity and Service)
  • Praxis: Society


  • The Kingdom of God 3 (Community)
  • Disciplines for Mission 5 (Confession, Worship, Direction, and Celebration)
  • Practice: Church

If you would like to sponsor a scholarship ($325 for the entire program), give through the CUDA website at or send a check payable to CUDA (memo line: CEDETE) to:

The church of Christ at Cedar Lane
c/o Joel Abrahams
1200 Cedar Lane
Tullahoma, TN 37388 

Program costs go toward the CEDETE library.  Instead of purchasing books, each student will have access to a set of books for each trimester.