CUDA View: Naranjal Developing

We’ve reported before about the ongoing latrine project at Naranjal. How it’s going, how long it’s taking to complete the first 7 latrines, how big of a help this will be for the people of that community. You’ve heard it all before and we see and experience these feelings/thoughts (and more) each and every Sunday when we visit Naranjal. However this past Sunday I was struck again with the importance of what we are doing during a conversation I had with the leaders of the group. We were discussing when to have more materials delivered so we could complete the next latrine and one of the directors (one who I’ve never heard make any comment be- fore) started talking about how important this project is, and how we need to not let the momentum that we’ve gained die out. 

He said “We need this, we need these services. We have to keep going so that, little by little, more and more people will start living out here full time. That is the only way this community will develop.” It really touched me that he felt this strongly about the work we are doing together with the people of that community. 

And he was right. For El Naranjal to become a fully developed, fully functioning community the people have to move out to their homes there and live full time. We are partnering with the people to provide a safe and sanitary place for families to live and grow. It’s a humbling experience. Sometimes it’s a frustrating experience but I think that’s normal in any growth process. I’ll leave you with some pictures of the progress that has been made and of the people of that beautiful community.