CUDA View: Redesigned Website

[We're getting closer! I've labeled this series as "CUDA View" for months, reflecting the Spanish name-change of the NGO (and, consequently, it's acronym). The team finally changed the website from icduperu to While the name of this series in the newsletter is still "ACDU view"...we're getting closer. -JD]

It’s official! We can now be found at with a newly redesigned and developed website to better keep you updated and involved in the work going on here. A few things to note when you visit include: 

  • Your Account - You can now create an account, provide funds through PayPal, handle lending transactions through the website yourself and watch repayment progress to be ready to act again when you accumulate $25 again. 
  • New loans to be funded - We have made several new loans in recent weeks and have more in the works, so they’re waiting for you to pitch in. Since we do loans by groups now, the numbers are growing quickly. Also, we have two new low-interest loans of larger amounts that need more support than ever! 
  • Blog - October has been a busy month and we’re keeping you updated as fast as we can. Check out all that has taken place recently. 
  • Descriptions of our organization - On our new About page, you can find details regarding various aspects of our work. Be sure and take a look at Who We Are, complete with pictures of our Peruvian collaborators and more information about them (finalizing soon). Transparency matters to us and we want you to be able to find the answers to whatever questions you may have. 

Go visit us now at and take a look around! If you are an existing lender, be sure to update your account as instructed so that you can manage your lending portfolio. If you have never lent before, register today and get started. Your Peruvian neighbors are ready and waiting.