Did You Know...

…that it is summer here right now. We’re in the southern hemisphere, so our seasons are the opposite. However, this is interesting/confusing because it is colder right now than it has been since we arrived. This is due to the “rainy season”, which means a thick blanket of clouds rolls in from the mountains every afternoon, bringing the occasional light shower or drizzly evening. So we have to be sure and dry our clothes on the roof first thing in the morning, just in case. For us Southerners, it doesn’t really register as either cold or rainy, but the fact that we have no form of heating means that some of those days the damp chill just cuts right through. Some summer, huh? This also means that the girls have been out of their preschool since just before Christmas, and the school year starts again in early March. 

…that we are currently on the same time as Eastern Time in the states. However, when America springs forward, we won’t. Then we’ll be aligned with Central Time. Daylight Savings Time doesn’t exist here. Right now, this means that the sun rises early in the morning and sets pretty early at night. 

…that throwing water balloons or squirting water guns at perfect strangers (like Kyle & Greg) is allowed, and even expected, around here during February. It’s a holiday called Carnaval, and it is a pre-celebration to kick off the Easter season of Lent. We were glad to stay indoors the day we saw these teens headed down the street with buckets full of water balloons. I did get a few waves as I leaned out for a photo op, but luckily none of them tried to chuck one of those bombs up to our third floor window!