Life Transformation Groups

A few weeks ago our two house churches divided up into Life Transformation groups (LTGs). These are groups of two to three brothers or sisters that meet once a week for an hour or so to read, pray and be accountable to each other. To quote one of our team’s favorite theologians, Greg McKinzie, the essence of LTGs is to “read Scripture repetitively and pray together, particularly for those they hope to evangelize” and the goal is a “high level of integration”.

For myself, having been in Arequipa just for the past four months, the life transformation group with Anita has been a multiple blessing. It is, first of all, a spiritual blessing. Additionally, it has also given me the opportunity to spend intentional and quality time with her. It is allowing me to get to know her a little better each week in a comfortable setting with no tasks to check off a list or a specific agenda to follow (apart from reading Titus and Ruth as the other LTGs are doing). It gives me further glimpses into the Peruvian culture and how the word of God speaks to Anita specifically.

We ask that you join us in praying for Arequipa’s LTGs. We pray that through these small groups, we may all grow closer to our Father, grow closer to each other and learn to more deeply and fully commit to one another.