Missionary Mom: All in a Year's Time

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This month is a very special month on my timeline. It marks one year from last January. I realize that January is the beginning of a new year, but that isn’t the reason this month is special. So many things happened last January, and it is neat to see what has happened and is happening one year later. 

I have not seen my father in over a year. He and my mother were our first visitors in January of last year. I cannot believe it has been over a year. They will actually be coming to visit in less than two weeks (I am so excited). Dad will hold Maggie for the first time when she is 6 months old. My father adores his grandchildren, and it has killed him to not be able to see Maggie in person. One year ago, it was nearly killing me that I had not seen my parents in 5 months. This January, I can reflect on that part of our journey and see how much I have grown in this past year. Arequipa is home to me. My little family of Greg, Ana, and Maggie is family to me. I miss my loved ones back home, but I have found peace with knowing that God is using us here, and here is “home” for now. 

Last January, I wanted to show Mom and Dad all of the tourist at- tractions and restaurants we had discovered. This year, I get to introduce them to Jose Luis and Emilio (the beginning of the first house church) and take them to the libraries we have helped to start. They will actually be witnesses to the fruits of our labor here. 

That excites me to no end. Pure joy to me is sharing my little part of God’s story with those that I love so much. One year ago, while Mom and Dad were here, I will never forget the phone call I received from Kyle. “Megan,” he started,“this isn’t how we wanted to tell you this, but we think Larissa maybe miscarrying.” It was a day of heartache, and the first time that I felt like availability alone was the best gift I could give to my teammates. Greg went to the hospital to help translate, and I kept Shaye at the house with Ana and my mom. Our first team tragedy happened. 

In the same week that Larissa had her miscarriage, one year later I was blessed to host a baby shower for Cora Elise, who is supposed to arrive this month. We will be a team of 6 when Cora is born. One of my favorite songs is Blessed Be the Name of the Lord. He gives and takes away. I am so thankful for the many blessings he has given to us leading up to this month. 

My living room was full and my heart was happy the night of the baby shower. Looking around that room I could see a web of relationships formed over a year. One year ago I could only think of my language teachers to invite to a party. This year, I was able to invite 40 Peruvian women that we know as a team. What an awesome feeling. Blessed be the name of the Lord!