New Dreams

I was at a loss to find a factual topic for this article. My involvement with CUDA at this point is not very concrete. I participate in the health team meetings with lots of questions and input but the project that I hope and pray I get to be a part of is in its very beginning stage: the dreaming stage. Truly, it's one of my favorite stages, but not a very informative one. I was encouraged, however, to share my dreams. To show you once again, from a newbie perspective, what it's like to dream and plan and learn to work on Peruvian timing mixed with the big ideas of a new missionary who is in the middle of cultural adjustment with life 'busy-fied' by two small children! As you read, envision with me and join me in prayer for God's hand, his wisdom and guidance to be completely integrated into this project. 
The health center in Hunter where Justin, Andrew and Bethany are volunteering with diabetes screening and education has a program called 'Escuelas Saludables' or 'Healthy Schools'. Every so often they have a talk with the students from a school in Hunter (or a specific classroom in the school) on basic health topics. As far as I can understand, these lectures are infrequent, potentially dull, and possibly not very organized. A night shift nurse who works at the clinic is the coordinator. Listening between the lines she appears tired and overwhelmed. She is happy to have help with the program. I would love to partner with the clinic in this project. My dream is to help coordinate educations sessions that are new and interactive, that can capture the kids’ attention and make them proud to have learned something new.

I hope to be able to get to know the schools, the children and the community to better assess their true needs. I pray to be able to develop strong relationships with clinic staff, school staff and community members. I pray I will be able to involve parents in the health education we impart to children. More than anything, I pray that I will be able to show them the gospel in action:

  • God's love for all His creation
  • How amazingly stupendous is the body he has given us
  • How he cares for our physical needs as well as our spiritual needs
  • How he values our bodies and the care we give them
  • How he values the care we give to each other.

I don't know how slow or fast this project will come about, or how many steps backwards we may take. At this point in my life, slow is good. But I do know and am very familiar with that feeling of excitement that comes with the dreaming stage and I am soaking it up. Thank you for dreaming with me and keep those prayers coming!