My parents’ visit was such a blessing! Greg told me it would be a time of refreshment, and he was exactly right. We had a great time with our first visitors, and we certainly didn’t mind Ana’s attention being on someone else. 

We were able to show Mom and Dad the city of Arequipa (2 popular lookouts), show them what a normal day looks like for now, and give them a true “taste” of Arequipa. I am sure that they will tell you that one of their favorite meals was my birthday meal. For my birthday, sweet Manuela wanted to make me a special dinner. Who wouldn’t think that guniea pig and special go together? You can see from the picture on the right that my parents got to enjoy a true delicacy of Peru (and “no,” guinea pig is not at the top of my birthday menu requests). 

More than anything, I am thankful that Ana got to see her grandparents in person (Greg’s mother is coming when Baby #2 is here--we can’t wait). We could have chosen to do lots of tourist things, but more than anything we just hung out together and took it easy. We spent an afternoon in a children’s park in Miraflores (the area we are targeting). Now, Mom and Dad have a visual image of what our future neighborhood looks like. We also decided to take a weekend-length trip to the beach town of Camana (a 3 hour bus ride). We loved relaxing at the beach for the first time and including my parents in on the experience. I published several blog posts with lots of pictures of their time here with us. Check it out if you are interested: 

My soul is refreshed. It was so good to see the faces of people I have missed and love so much. More than anything, it was so good to share in person what God is doing in our lives here. Arequipa is our new home, and my parents have officially visited. If you have any questions about visiting, just ask them. They are our new Arequipa visitor experts.