The Latest: April 2009

Wednesday Nights

Before coming to Arequipa, Megan made contact with some missionaries in Arequipa. One of the couples was Lee and Dori Williams. They picked us up from the airport, and we’ve had a growing friendship since then. They’ve gone on a long furlough, and Lee asked me if I would teach their small group of Christians. I was honored by the invitation, and we’ve been meeting with them on Wednesdays to study the Gospel of Mark and pray together. It’s been a wonderful experience, and we are very thankful to Lee and Dori for giving us the opportunity. 


We’ve also met with one of the small Churches of Christ here in the city, on the recommendation of some former missionaries. The preacher at this congregation, Sabino Olivera, has already become a good friend. As the church has had its legal status for many years, they will try to help us with our ever daunting visa process. We’re praying for this relationship to form in the healthiest way possible for both our ministries. For now, it looks like we will have to cross the border again soon, in order to renew our tourist visas. This is a frustrating task that feels wasteful due to the cost of travel in both money and time. We will truly celebrate when we are no longer forced to make these international excursions. Keep praying. 


Team Arequipa has been granted non-profit status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. We’re thankful for this, as it diversifies our fundraising options. We are waiting on the same for ICDU, which will hopefully take on a life of its own eventually. That is the first step to apply for non-profit status with with Peruvian government. As an official NGO, future missionaries could acquire visas under the auspices of ICDU, making life simpler for everyone.