What's to Come

Often we find ourselves using the newsletter to recap the month. In fact, Greg’s article is aimed at keeping you updated with our work. However, we also have a number of things that we are planning and preparing for right now, though they have yet to come to fruition, and we want you to know about them. What I hope you all do with this article is make a list of our upcoming projects and begin praying for them. We are still in the early planning stages with some of these and could use guidance. These are in no particular order, which is my favorite way to handle things. 

First on my mind are our plans for hosting interns and apprentices. We are currently working with ACU and Harding and their internship programs. Our plans are to host two students from each university. Our desire is to make their time here both fun and challenging. Last year we had one intern and while I think the experience was good for all involved, we know improvements are needed and hope to develop a strong program. Also, several young women have approached the team seeking apprentice positions. One of these, Rachel Steele, is currently raising funds with plans on being in Arequipa for two years, possibly starting in early 2010. A couple of others are considering a one year stint, but we have not gotten very far in discussions with them yet. Be praying for these new workers that will be with us. Ask God to raise up supporters for Rachel so that she can join us as soon as possible as she only lacks a little funding. 

The next project actually has two parts. Due to the difficulty the majority of people have obtaining medical help we have begun praying about and planning medical campaigns. We are currently considering two campaigns. The first one, in mid to late 2010, would primarily consist of Peruvian doctors. Through our contacts, such as the Rotary Club, we have been made aware of groups that have performed these types of campaigns in the past and we hope to utilize those doctors. I would, however, like to extend an invitation to any of you in the medical profession that has an interest in this type of work to contact us. I think it would be great to have a few of you come down next year so that the following year we have some return workers with experience. In 2011 we want to bring down a group of professionals to work in Naranjal. Of the projects currently being planned this one is the least developed. We are continually seeking guidance from God and our friends here about this as we want to provide help and not harm. There are so many factors to take into consideration during the planning but we see the need for medical work so clearly. Thanks for joining us in prayer. 

The last project in the works is actually something we have been thinking about for years. When we first arrived in Arequipa there was only one other missionary family, of the churches of Christ, in the whole country. We knew though that within a year or two there would be two other teams here in Peru. A vision formed in our minds that when everyone had arrived we might conduct a get-together of all the missionaries of Peru. That vision has expanded a little bit and in 2010 we will have the first ever Peruvian Missionary Retreat (name still being worked on). We are currently looking for a location and lining up people to lead us during the retreat. I think it will be a great time for all of us to not only get to know each other better but we’ll have the chance to share and dream together about the future of the Kingdom in Peru. Never before has Peru seen so many missionaries, from our movement, and it may never have this many again but while we are here we all are looking to advance the Kingdom and this retreat will gives us a time to encourage each other and to grow together. 

These are just a few things that we have in the works right now. In the months to come we will no doubt share some new ideas with you and give you updates on the progress we’ve made on these projects. I’ve already asked this but I will ask again: Please pray for us! We want everything we do to spread His kingdom here in Arequipa. We recognize that the successes we have had, and those we will have in the future, are due to God working with us. May He be glorified in all we do!