Wrapping Up 2010

It’s hard to believe that 2010 is finishing up and 2011 is days away. It has flown by and been full of ups and downs, successes and frustrations, all wrapped up in the faithfulness of God. Thank you for living it all with us, praying for us, and encouraging us every step of the way. 

As we look to 2011, we want to keep our options open to new ministries and opportunities. Included in that is our desire to continue in communicating well with our supporters. We are always open to ideas and input as to what you want most to hear. Please take a moment and respond with any suggestions or requests you have for our newsletter. A few of our columns will continue with no change, and a few will likely take a different approach in order to tackle other subject matter. We want this to fit your interests, so tell us what you want to hear about! 

For example, Rachel will be writing a new column in 2011 for the kiddos! In her own words: 

“I wanted to let you know about a shift I am planning on making in the upcoming year with my article in the team newsletter. I spend a great deal of time working with the children in the church here and in the community. I feel the need to share or extend that work to the children in the States. So, beginning in January I plan to start writing an article or story specifically directed at the children who are a part of the congregations and families that support this work. My hope is that they will come to understand two things. First, I want them to learn that the church of Christ is bigger than their congregation. The the church extends beyond borders, languages, and cultures, and there are children just like them who are learning about God in Peru. Second, I want them to realize they are never too young to serve God or share the gospel. Whether it is telling a friend at school what they have learned in Bible class that week, asking them to come to church, or merely obeying their parents. Ministry isn't something that has to wait until you reach a certain age, it is a way you live your life. There is no better time to get excited about the work of God than when you are a child, because children are so much better at being excited than adults. I hope that providing a page, dedicated to informing and teaching children will provide them with the opportunity to connect with the work here in Peru, and help them learn how to be a part of the work of God where they are.” 

As always, we rely on your prayers as we pursue this mission. Once the McKinzies return in mid- January, we will tackle detailed planning for 2011, so please be praying that God will show us exactly where to focus our efforts and give us wisdom in guiding our growing church family here in Arequipa.