The Frouds' Furlough

ith 2 kids, 5 checked bags, 4 carry-ons, and a stroller we made our maiden voyage back the States for our furlough. It was very daunting making our first trip as a family of four, but the kids did great, sleeping 90% of the Lima to Miami leg of our itinerary. Speaking of itineraries our furlough looked like this:

  • Arrived in Houston, TX on March, 16
  • Texarkana, TX March 20 (Walnut church family)
  • Searcy, AR with Froud family Camping, Spring Sing, & Easter
  • Lebanon, TN with Winland family (Briana’s Aunt and Grandparents)
  • Mayfield, KY April 3 (Farmington church family)
  • Henderson, TN with Larry and Ann Owen (former ministers at WestRidge)
  • Back to Searcy (Cloverdale church family)
  • Pocahontas, AR April, 10 (Westridge church family)
  • Searcy (Cloverdale church family, preaching and teaching)
  • Tyler, TX with the Smith family (former missionaries in Arequipa)
  • Returned to Houston, TX
  • Malibu, CA Pepperdine Bible Lectures (visiting McKinzie family, former missionaries in Arequipa)
  • Returned to Houston, TX with Winland family and Grandma Paskins
  • Left Houston, TX for Arequipa, Peru May 17

That’s 9 weeks and 1 day, door to door! We arrived in Arequipa with 6 checked bags, 6 carry-ons, and a stroller! 

What a furlough! We are so grateful for the Walnut, Farmington, and Westridge church families. Each one has been and continues to be a blessing to us as we partner together in the mission of God. Thanks to all who hosted and fed us while visiting these great church families. Of course we are so thankful for our overseeing congregation, Cloverdale. They were and are such a blessing to serve with and we look forward to serving together in the future. To everyone who hosted us and provided a generous meal, we are very thankful! Also, we are appreciate the generosity of the Center for World Missions at Harding for the housing while in Searcy. It was truly a blessing to have a furnished place of our own! 

One of the greatest blessings of furlough was to introduce Abigail Daniela Froud to her extended family! My dad and brother’s family were anxious to meet her along with her great-grandparents,  great uncles, great aunts, and cousins on both sides of the family! 

As we re-settle into life in Arequipa and slowly organize our new house, we are excited for the opportunities before us. Pray for our house churches and our goals this year to continue reading the Word and individually developing our gospel stories. In addition, pray for outreach I am doing on the college campuses and other opportunities that will present themselves. And lastly, pray for our family and team. We are humbled to partner with our beautiful teammates and know God is working mightily through all of us.