8 Ways to Be Missional

I like practical advice and so when I read this article on the Verge Network last year I loved how practical it was. We are missionaries. Because we live outside of the US? No. We are missionaries because we are trying to live in a way that glorifies God and brings more people to him. And that can be done anywhere, we just happen to be doing it in Arequipa while y'all are doing it in the US or Europe or Australia or wherever it is that you live. That was another reason I liked this article, because it can be applied no matter where you live. 

So eight ways to easily be missional:

  1. Eat with not-yet-christians.
    • Everyone has to eat. So why not practice hospitality and eat with not-yet-christians. This is something that we try to do in our Friday Night Pizza Nights. It gives us a chance to provide a space for our neighbors to experience Jesus.
  2. Walk, don't drive.
    • We don't have a car. We use public transportation. Public transportation is 8 blocks from our house. By walking this path over and over we have come to know several people along the way. I know in many places public transportation is not available, so get out and walk in the evenings. Be a presence in your neighborhood. We also walk around our neighborhood in the evening, praying as we go for our neighbors and for God's kingdom to break through here.
  3. Be a regular.
    • Pick a gas station or restaurant or grocery store and become a regular and get to know the workers. We have a fruit lady and a vegetable lady and a juice lady and a sandwich lady and a popcorn lady. We know their names and they know ours and in the short interaction we have with them, over and over, it adds up to a relationship in which we want them to experience Jesus.
  4. Hobby with not-yet-christians.
    • Pick a hobby and share it. This is another way to intersect your life with that of not yet christians in a non-threatening environment. I have a daughter now and she likes to play with other kids. One of our neighbors has a little girl 8 months older than Adileen. They have been coming over for play dates in the evenings. This gives me time to connect on a deeper level with Fiorella, her mom.
  5. Talk to your coworkers.
    • You don't have to start with a spiritual conversation, but you have to start somewhere. Show interest in their lives and just get to know them better. 
  6. Volunteer with non profits.
    • Service. A basic principle of Jesus's life. Through CUDA we hope to be the hands and feet of Jesus here in Arequipa.
  7. Participate in city events.
    • Be present and be active in your city. And get to know others that are a part of the city that y'all share. We are continually learning more about the culture here by participating in the cultural events they have. 
  8. Serve your neighbors.
    • This may have to start with getting to know your neighbors. And that's a great place to start. And then when things come up in the future for an opportunity to serve them make yourself available. 

This article ends with “Don’t make the mistake of making ‘missional’ another thing to add to your schedule. Instead, make your existing schedule missional.”