Froud Family Decision

After 3 years of serving and learning in Arequipa, our family will be returning to the US next month. Although our plans were to stay at least 5 years, we have made a family decision to return. 

The past three years we have experienced the mission of God both within us and around us. We believe that our God is a missionary God, and therefore He has always been in Arequipa pursuing his mission to redeem the world through his Son. We continue to believe in God's mission for Arequipa and can clearly see him using our teammates, the house churches, and CUDA in order to make Christ known.

To our teammates we want to say we love you and have treasured the time we have had together over the past four and a half years. Each one of you have been a blessing to our family and have loved us through the good and challenging times. Thank you for sharing your families with us and showing us the way of Christ. We believe in you and your giftedness and of course our God who is ever present with us all. Know that we will be praying for you daily as you experience the Kingdom of God in Arequipa. 

To those who follow, support, and pray for the work of Team Arequipa, thank you. We appreciate your love, work, and sacrifices for the ongoing work in Peru. Continue to bless this team in your special God-given ways, and we proudly join you in your ministry to serve Team Arequipa. 


Froud Family