Pictures from May - June

The picture above is from our retreat in Lima with other missionaries from around Peru. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. We always love hearing from those of you who have read it! It is very encouraging to us to know we have so many people praying for us. These have been a busy couple of months. We have included some pictures in this newsletter from the past month. Mother's Day is always a big holiday here in Peru and we were able to celebrate it with some of our Peruvian friends. 

Prayer request: Pray for our ongoing Bible studies with neighbors and friends. Also pray for Paty, Lola, Manuela, Etelvina, Liliana, and Diana as they have begun meeting on their own as a church. It has been really neat to see these women become a community and friends with each other as the Holy Spirit works through them in each of their families.